Waiting List Application

How does Admissions work?

CELC admits children into our program year-round. However, due to the large student parent population of the University of Minnesota we serve, the Director generally admits children into our program during the summer and fall seasons.

We generally have the most openings in our center during summer and fall. At this time the Director will go through the list and offer spaces. Since we have a high demand for enrollment to begin in the fall, it is suggested that you take a space during the summer if it is offered. This will guarantee your child’s enrollment throughout the year. If you cannot take a space offered during the summer, you will remain in the same spot on the waiting list (unless your preferences change).

How many children are on the waiting list?

Como Early Learning Center has many children on our waiting list for both full-time and part-time spaces, ranging through all three of our classrooms. Due to the high number of children on the waiting list, it is suggested that you enter the waiting list as soon as possible.

What if I need child care immediately?

We generally do not have immediate child care openings. It is suggested, when offered an unconventional space such as part-time days or only certain days of the week, that you take this space. Please note: First preference to make changes in enrollment hours and days is given to children currently enrolled in CELC.

How are spaces offered during the year?

Throughout the year we occasionally have part-time or full-time spaces open up. When and if there is an open space, preference is given firstly to children currently enrolled at CELC, where parents can request to increase the hours of care for their child. We also take into consideration and accommodate the younger children who have outgrown their classroom and need to move up to an older preschool classroom. After these two preferences have been given, the Director then e-mails everyone on the waiting list beginning with the first person on the waiting list who has 1st preference and offers the space. The parent usually has about 24 hours to either accept or decline the space. If the parent declines the space, the Director then e-mails the second person on the waiting list who has first preference, and so on until all of those parents decline the space. The Director then e-mails the first person with 2nd preference and so on, until the space is accepted.

If offered a space, how long can you hold it?

You may begin child care as late as 2 weeks after being offered a space at the discretion of the Director. The non-refundable $75.00 registration fee is required to hold your space.

Waiting List Preference

CELC gives waiting list preference first to siblings of children already enrolled, secondly to children previously enrolled at CELC, thirdly to residents of Como Student Community Cooperative (CSCC), and fourthly to University of Minnesota student parents who are enrolled for any number of credits and are either undergraduate or graduate students, and lastly to everyone else in order of waiting list application date.

What if my Preferences change?

You may contact our office via email at
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
 at any time to update changes if you have either moved into or out of CSCC and if you have become or are no longer an enrolled student of the University of Minnesota.

What if I need care for more than one child?

The same waiting list procedure applies. It may be more difficult to get your children into our program at the same starting date, unless you are offered a space for the fall. Please let the Director know if you need childcare for more than one child.