Toddler Room A houses 15 children ages 14-16 months to 31-35 months old. The current child to teacher ratio is 5 to 1.

Room A is a very warm and nurturing environment that allows for countless fun, educational opportunities and activities.  Through play and interaction with peers, your child will engage daily in all developmental areas, including: cognitive, fine/gross motor, music and movement, language and literacy, as well as creative arts and dramatic play.  Child initiated, as well as teacher directed activities allow for children to develop social skills, become independent, and feel confident and secure in their surroundings and amongst peers.

Sample Room A Daily Schedule

7:00 AM Arrival / Choice Time
8:15 AM Bathroom/ Diaper Changing/Choice Time
8:30 AM Breakfast
9:00 AM Choice Time/Table Work
9:30 AM Bathroom /Diaper Changing Time and Choice Time
10:00 AM Outside Time/Indoor Large Motor Skills
10:45 AM Circle Time (Songs, Books and Flannel Board Stories)
11:15 AM Wash Hands/Prepare for Lunch
11:30 PM Lunch
12:00 PM Bathroom/ Diaper Changing/ Prepare for Nap
12:15 PM Nap/ Child Initiated Quiet Play
3:00 PM Snack
3:20 PM Bathroom/Diaper Changing Time/Choice Time
3:45 PM Prepare for Outside Time
4:00 PM Water Break/Choice Time
4:30 PM Outside Time/Indoor Large Motor Skills
5:00 PM Diaper Change/Free Play/ Table Work / Departure

This schedule is extremely flexible, and changes to meet the needs of the children within each group.  Additional programs and special activities are incorporated into the basic daily routines.