“…she is always excited to tell us about her day!”

We are incredibly happy to have our daughter at Como Early Learning Center!  She is currently in one of the preschool rooms and loves her teachers.  We have never met a teacher or teacher’s assistant who wasn’t welcoming, kind, and attentive to her needs. We are very happy with the curriculum and are confident that she is engaged throughout the day as she is always excited to tell us about her day! Between daily recaps, weekly newsletters with classroom jobs and activities, and a friendly conversation with her teachers at drop off and pick up, CELC excels at involving parents and typically have little tidbits of info about her day that give us a good glimpse into her preschool hours.

“We are so grateful to have such a welcoming environment for our daughter to learn in”

Our daughter has been at CELC for about 5 months.  We have always found all staff to be polite and accommodating and she loves going to school.  We appreciate the weekly calendars and daily updates.  CELC teachers and staff have been very helpful in helping us figure out logistics, paperwork and payments.  We are so grateful to have such a welcoming environment for our daughter to learn in that is so close to home!

“The staff members are warm, knowledgeable and fun”

My daughter has been at CELC since she was 18 months old, and we have been blown away by the quality of care and education she’s received.  The staff members are warm, knowledgeable and fun, and they do a great job communicating with us about her day-to-day activities and overall development.  She’s naturally shy but has become so much more comfortable with other kids and has really come out of her shell thanks to her experience at school.  Not a day goes by that I don’t feel thankful we snagged a spot in this wonderful school — it’s a terrific value and I recommend it to everyone I know with small kids.

“Her teachers and assistant teachers consistently go above and beyond”

I cannot say enough good things about CELC.  My daughter has been in Room A for over a year and I’m extremely pleased with the treatment and education she has received.  Her teachers and assistant teachers consistently go above and beyond expectations to make sure our daughter is doing the best she can.

In addition to those in her classroom, the rest of the teachers and staff are always extremely friendly and willing to help out.  The school really feels like a close-knit community, one where each and every child is supported by all members of the school.

We will certainly be sending our son to CELC once he is old enough!

“CELC taught our son crucial life lessons”

We had a fantastic experience with CELC!  Our son was in room A for 2 years.  We went through all the stages of doubt and worries that come with putting your firstborn in the hands of other people.  The “other people” turned out to be the most loving, inspiring, creative caretakers we could have wished for.  CELC taught our son crucial life lessons such as how to be a good friend, how to grow tomatoes, how to share toys, how to wash hands, and how to observe bugs.  They taught him that it’s okay for boys to love unicorns and pink, that creativity matters more than toys, and that being kind is more important than being first.  As parents, we learned that the most important part of education are committed, well educated, loving teachers.  We have moved from Minneapolis to Boston to Finland and seen a lot of schools/early learning centers since.  We can truthfully say that CELC is hard to beat.

“Como Early Learning Center has been a wonderful chapter in my child’s life”

Como Early Learning Center has been a wonderful chapter in my child’s life. She has gained so much invaluable knowledge in her short time here that will set her up for success throughout her life. She is coming home and teaching me things on a regular basis! The staff truly care about the well-being of each child and it is obvious that they love interacting with the children each day. I am so happy to bring my child to a place where I know that not only is she safe and well taken care of, but she is also acquiring a multitude of skills that will provide a strong foundation for her future. However, the number one reason that I love bringing my daughter to CELC is that she loves coming here and I know she’s happy!

“The teachers create such a caring, safe, and fun environment”

We enrolled our daughter at CELC this fall when she was 29 months. She had never been in daycare and we were worried about how she would transition. Within a week, I had to practically drag her out of her classroom at 5 pm each day. The teachers create such a caring, safe, and fun environment that she felt immediately comfortable. She is speaking some Spanish, her artistic abilities have flourished, she is more thoughtful and appreciative of others, and has become potty-trained, all in a few months! I enjoy the open communication that I have with her teachers, and feel that I am kept well-informed and involved in her life at school. I particularly appreciate the cultural diversity at CELC; it creates a rich and unique learning experience for all of our children.

“Providing the best service, care, and education for our children”

Como Early Learning Center is conveniently located next to the U of M, but this wasn’t the reason we decided to send our daughter here last fall. The services provided by the center are more than just care. It is an education facility, a place for interaction and involvement within our community. Como Early Learning Center is about providing the best service, care, and education for our children. I feel confident in my four year old daughter’s education because the staff and teachers at Como supply developmentally appropriate material for all age groups. The amount of knowledge that my daughter has gained in all aspects of development are amazing. The information that is taught is wonderful. My husband says, ‘Not only does my daughter know all of the planets of the solar system, but she knew that Pluto was no longer classified as a planet before I did!

“…they really care about the children”

Como Early Learning Center is a wonderful environment for my daughter. She comes home every night happy and bubbling to tell me all that has happened at “school.” She has made enormous improvements in her writing, identifying letters and words, math-related counting, and social skills. She has learned things I did not anticipate, such as sign language, the continents, parts of the body, lots of music, and some Spanish. I have found the staff at Como Early Learning Center to be very loving and devoted to my child. Not only that, but the staff works very well as a team, and it’s apparent that they really care about the children.