“CELC taught our son crucial life lessons”

We had a fantastic experience with CELC!  Our son was in room A for 2 years.  We went through all the stages of doubt and worries that come with putting your firstborn in the hands of other people.  The “other people” turned out to be the most loving, inspiring, creative caretakers we could have wished for.  CELC taught our son crucial life lessons such as how to be a good friend, how to grow tomatoes, how to share toys, how to wash hands, and how to observe bugs.  They taught him that it’s okay for boys to love unicorns and pink, that creativity matters more than toys, and that being kind is more important than being first.  As parents, we learned that the most important part of education are committed, well educated, loving teachers.  We have moved from Minneapolis to Boston to Finland and seen a lot of schools/early learning centers since.  We can truthfully say that CELC is hard to beat.

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